How to Realign your Spine, Neck, Hips, Shoulders, and Entire Body at Home to Naturally Prevent and Eliminate Upper-Lower Back Pain, Injury, Poor Posture, and Much More

How to realign your spine, back, neck, hips, pelvis, shoulders, vertebrae, and entire body at home by correcting muscle imbalances offers many benefits including, treating, preventing, and eliminating symptoms such as upper-lower back pain, neck tingling, hip numbness, pelvis discomfort, spine stiffness, vertebrae misalignment, knee strain, shoulder soreness, body aches, herniated discs, poor posture, and injury. Alternative, safe, and natural body and spine realignment can ONLY be achieved, with LONG-TERM results, by correcting MUSCULAR IMBALANCES between opposing muscle groups.

Remember, the realignment of your spine and entire body, achieved by correcting muscle imbalances, automatically eliminates ailments of all types including lumbar lower back and thoracic upper back pain, cervical spine and  neck pain, pelvis and hip pain, leg and knee pain, arm and shoulder pain, ligament and muscle pain, vertebrae and joint pain, SI joint dysfunction and sacroiliac pain, sciatica, herniated discs, poor posture, physical dysfunctions, injuries, and much more.

This safe and natural self-realignment may seem unconventional for some, but it truly is an effective alternative and therapeutic self-treatment for numerous symptoms and health conditions over your entire body.  Keep Reading to learn how and why you need to eliminate your pain, symptoms, conditions, and poor posture!

Aligning your neck, shoulders, hips, pelvis, spine, vertebrae, and entire body at home will directly impact just about every aspect of your health.

This may be an unconventional thought process for most individuals. However, to fully appreciate just how critical spine alignment is for our entire body, one must consider what runs through the spine. Our spinal cord links our brain to all of our body functions. Proper communication through the spinal cord is essential for our bodies to function with peak performance, and minimal pain, numbness, tingling, discomfort, aches, hurt, soreness, and suffering. Now imagine that communication being impaired due to an unnatural curvature (aka physical dysfunction) of the spinal column. Spine misalignment is directly responsible for causing a strained spinal cord, due to EXTENDED periods of time where it is subjected to an unnatural position and environment. As a result, it limits and restricts the spinal cords ability to send and receive the correct signal to and from your brain. Lets not forget about the areas where the spinal cord and nerves exit our back to provide the final link between our brain, and ALL our physical functions. Physical functions ranging from the movement of limbs, to the functioning of our organs, etc.

When the spine does not have the proper curvature, the spinal cord and nerves exit the spine in an unnatural environment. This can cause pinched nerves, or it can distort the nerves by stretching or compressing. This negatively alters the body’s ability to communicate effectively. As a result, we can experience health decline in about every different aspect of our life.

Aligning your hips, pelvis, neck, shoulders, vertebrae, spine, and entire body at home without a chiropractor

also provides health benefits directly related to the vertebral column, and its supporting structure by treating, preventing, and eliminating pain, numbness, tingling discomfort, injuries, and physical dysfunctions. Spine Structure - The proper spine alignment eliminates back pain, sciatica buttock pain, herniated disc pain, poor posture, and physical dysfunctionsScience has determined our spine was designed for three natural curves. When it deviates from these natural curves, stress is placed on the spine itself and its supporting structure. Consider this, when the tires on your car are NOT in alignment, premature wear, tear, and failure is the result. Your spine is no different. As a result, a whole host of symptoms, health conditions, and physical dysfunctions can be the result, including but not limited to: neck and back pain, discomfort, soreness, sciatica pain, sciatica buttock pain, sciatic nerve pain, sciatic nerve impingement, sciatic nerve entrapment, pinched nerve, disk degeneration disease (herniated, ruptured, bulging, torn, collapsed, slipped, and prolapsed disks), (muscle spasms, tension, knots, stiffness, soreness), (sprains, and strains), pulled muscles, scar tissue, (lower back, mid back, upper back, and neck pain),(vertebrae, lumbar, thoracic, and cervical pain), hip pain, stiff back, poor posture, tension headaches, whiplash pain, tailbone-Coccyx pain, forward head posture, rounded shoulders, Kyphosis (aka hunchback, humpback, round back, dowager’s hump), Lordosis (aka Hyperlordosis, swayback, saddle back), (shoulder, hip, pelvis, and knee pain), back problems and sciatica pain due to pregnancy, post surgical back problems, failed back surgery, vertebral subluxation, Sacroiliac (SI) joint dysfunction, Sacroiliac pain, Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue, Macular Degeneration, Somatic Pain, Spinal Stenosis, spinal distortion, vertebral compression fracture, Piriformis syndrome, Ischemic Spondylolisthesis, Isthmic Spondylolisthesis,  Scoliosis, degenerative disc disease, arthritis of the spine, Bursitis, nerve root impingement, Thoracic Outlet Syndrome, Cervical Facet Syndrome, Facet Syndrome, Facet Joint Syndrome, and Ankylosing Spondylitis.(aka Rheumatoid Spondylitis, Spondylarthropathy, Bekhterev’s disease, Bekhterev syndrome, and Marie-Strümpell disease) Unfortunately, you can’t just simply replace your spine, and its supporting structure like you can your vehicles tires. Which is why spine alignment is a very critical and important health factor for everyone. The good thing is that learning how to re-align your spine to eliminate and prevent pain, discomfort, injuries, and physical dysfunctions, by correcting muscle imbalances, is something you can effectively do naturally and safely in the privacy of your own home.

The muscles of the neck, shoulders, upper-lower back, hips-pelvis, thighs, and your entire body are numerous and very complex as it relates to their function, and how they interact within the human body to provide structural alignment, and support.

Muscles that are stronger, shorter, or tighter than their opposing muscle or muscle group are considered a type of muscular imbalance.

These imbalances essentially play “Tug of War” within the body, and negatively alter its structural alignment and support causing the type of symptoms and conditions mentioned above.  How to realign your spine, back, neck, hips, posterior pelvis, shoulders, and body at homeOur inactive life styles, and extended periods of time spent sitting and lounging with poor posture contribute greatly to our problems.  It’s important to note, that individuals with a physically active lifestyle are sometimes prone to the worst muscle imbalances due to the excessive strength and tightness of some muscles verses the opposing muscle or muscle group. This whole concept may seem intimidating for some, however, the task is well within your reach. I struggled for years with severe back pain, stiffness, numbness, tingling, soreness, and other various health issues that no doctor or chiropractor was ever able to effectively treat. Believe me, I visited numerous chiropractors, doctors, and specialists and the only benefit I ever received was temporary or short-term. They did nothing but cost me a lot of money. What I didn’t know at the time was that a cost effective permanent solution was out there. For your free book to learn more Click Here or Keep Reading to select a self-treatment option listed below.

I can’t stress enough that if you want PERMANENT and LONG-TERM relief from your physical dysfunctions, poor posture, sciatica, hip, neck, upper-lower back, and all types of body pain you need to correct your bodies imbalances, and stop treating symptoms and conditions. Fix your bodies foundation by realigning your spine and entire body, and you will be amazed at the improvements to not only your specific problems, but also your general health.

My personal recommendation is to check out the links below to best address your current situation, problem, and concerns.  Remember, its likely that your symptoms and conditions will continue to worsen at an accelerated pace. A minor symptom or condition now, will likely turn into a much larger and debilitating problem in the future, if not treated properly. However, you can be on the road to improved health, if you choose to do so. Regardless of what motivated and brought you to this website, just remember, you don’t have to accept your current symptoms, condition, health status, or lack thereof. 820961(250x374)

Get your Neck, Shoulders, Hips, Pelvis, Back, Spine, and entire Body back on track to an improved state of wellness and health without pain pills, prescription drugs, shots, repeat office adjustments, traction, or surgery. Procrastination and lack of will power are two factors that often keep individuals from taking action to improve their health. Don’t continue to be a victim, and take a back seat to your own health any longer. Take action now, learn how to realign your spine and entire body safely at home by correcting muscle imbalances to prevent and eliminate pain, numbness, tingling, discomfort, aches, soreness, injury, and you will be blessed with health benefits for the rest of your life.

32 Responses to “Realign your Entire Body at Home without Repeat Office Adjustments, Prescription Drugs, Shots, Traction, or Surgery”

  1. Pam Wright says:

    For my son: 28 years old. Terrible sleep for years. Muscle spasms. wakes up and stretches. . . Diagnosis: facet joint arthritis. Recently had xrays and discovered his spine is way out of alignment and no curvature in neck. Very physically active-volleyball since highschool, bike riding off road, rock climbing. He wants to learn how to realign his spine. I will pass the info on to him. Thank you.

    • jen says:

      Spine realignment is the way to go. There are several methods of treatment. Like having your own chiropractor. Check it out. Has worked for myself, family and friends. Good luck!

  2. curtis says:

    Hi, I have scoliosis and Scheuermann’s Disease, and apparently my spine will not improve even with exercise. I can only manage the pain, and I just don’t think that is true. I just want to have a normal looking back. I think my back is causing lots of other health problems from nerves and so on. I am only 17 by the way!!

    • alex says:

      Hi, I’m very sorry I can’t help, but I am in a very similar position. If you discover any remedy/cure it would be greatly appreciated if you shared. I’m only 18 by the way!

    • spinalgenie says:

      I may be able to help you out. Do some stretches, but in addition to stretching the body stretch the jaw and the tongue. You can do this by dropping the jaw and extending the tongue out of your mouth. Once you have achieved this try to move your head with your jaw dropped and tongue out. You will probably get some kinks and feel pressure and some pain. That’s at least what I experienced, and it scared me some. I’ve been doing it now for many months and my body has totally reshaped itself.

      • Floradel says:

        Hi SpinalGenie

        I got interested bout the stretches you shared. I would like to ask if u can share some more stretching? My husband had been suffering from back pain for 4 yrs now. This will be a huge help. Thanks a lot.


    • Jess says:

      Hey Curtis, I also have Scheuermann’s Disease, and you’re the first person I’ve met that has it too. Even when I tell doctors I have Scheuermann’s they have never heard of it and usually dismiss it. I hate it.

  3. Tarvin says:

    Hey I played basketball all my life and still do. During that time I always had knee and ankle pain. I thought it was because of sports, but I spoke to an orthopedic doctor and he told me that my leg and feet are misaligned and need be corrected . Therefore by me having misalignment of the leg and feet, I will continue to have knee and ankle pain and it could get worse . Also have back pain. Thank you

    • Sandy says:

      Before you get cut into, check this site out. I had my feet and ankles realigned after months of thinking that I had ligament and bone issues. I used to walk with a cane. After a short while I was fine. Afterwards do extensive body stretches to avoid it coming back.
      Good luck

  4. Elizabeth Donaghey says:

    53 year old female. Curvature of the spine for years. Fell onto left hip a year ago. Few weeks after that, dull ache felt in left side of pubic area – constant – great difficulty in sitting down. Then few months after that, I had what felt like nerve pain in entire pubic area, in addition to the left side pain.

  5. Mike Woodworth says:

    I have had pain in my left leg for over a year. Now I have numbness in my right leg as well as pain in my left leg. Help

  6. Joyce Brown says:

    Bulging cervical discs, chronic neck pan, difficulty sleeping, painful left shoulder (the arm I side-sleep on), inflammation both hips, difficulty sitting, painful coccyx, sciatica pain groin, and low back, difficulty walking due to left foot pain, weak ankles. Getting massage chiropractic adjustment and full hour sciatica directed massage to relieve inflammation before touching the sciatic nerve. Some tell me to exercise as tolerated, and others tell me not to exercise due to undoing benefits of massage. I understand I have bulging discs up and down spine and and pinched nerve. Need help.

  7. Anthony says:

    I have pain in my lower back and i walk out of line im only 23 years old.. i feel as if i have a super strong side and a super week side.. ankle and knee pain on my weak (left) side… hip feels jacked up to the max on my right side when i walk.. i am heavily active in kickboxing… i think i have built muscle on top of all my alignment issues.. never seen anyone for help.. I NEED IT NOW

  8. Augustine Civalier says:

    Presently I am under care with a chiropractor who has helped me make huge strides in my health. I have fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue and an un-aligned hip, neck pain, and shoulder pain. I cannot wait to try your product and looking forward to rid myself of pain that I know I can help myself. Thank you in advance.

  9. Augustine Civalier says:

    Sorry for the extra e-mail, Also thought I should mention that I do work out very intensely when I work out, except when I run into problems with my hip, knees, shoulder, and neck. I hate when I have to stop doing what helps me stay fit. One other thing to mention is I am a student who does sit at a computer constantly and I have a job that requires me to stand 5 hours at a time. So, yes, I am a victim of my circumstances, but I am willing to work on this problem because I am sick and tired of dealing with these issues. Thanks again.

    • cwdv says:

      You are on the right path, treating the underlying root cause provides long-term relief, and is always advised instead of just treating symptoms.

  10. Sharon Peralta says:

    I have suffered with a misaligned spine since I was a teenager. I am now 44. I’ve tolerated it and have lost count of the times I’ve visited osteopaths and chiropractors when I feel uncomfortable. I used to do a lot of sport despite this, rowing competitively in my 20s, jogging and returning to rowing 2 years ago, albeit in a reduced capacity. Four to 6 weeks ago, a chiropractor neck manipulation damaged my neck, and I developed problems with my SCM (sternocleidomastoid). This has left me with neck pain and discomfort, numbness in the face and dizziness. Additionally, my back has turned into a creature set on causing pain and discomfort, making it hard to walk with extremely tense leg muscles. Although I am seeing a McTimoney chiropractor (for last 4 weeks), there is little improvement except that my neck is not so bad. The back is terrible and exercise is not recommended.

    What can I do? I saw your site and wondered if your exercises could help me. I want to resume activity and sport as it is an important stress buster for me. I have a desk job which doesn’t help. Maybe increasing activity is the answer and not being scared to move for fear of causing further pain.

    Help someone!!!

  11. Kate Louise Webb says:

    I have been suffering lower back pain, back of legs pain, shoulder, and neck pain. I can barely tolerate the pain in my lower back.

  12. pradeep says:

    1. 6 months before I suffered right knee injury(meniscus tear)
    2. I did Physiotherapy. Felt only little relief, but managing with left side more.
    3. Now I am feeling little lower back pain on left side and body imbalance while standing and walking.
    4. Doctor told me to take MRI of lower back..
    Please advise.

  13. Lisa says:

    I’m 49 years old and have Degenerative Disc Disease (DDD), and a messed up right hip due to being drug by a car 13 years ago. I also having terrible neck pain from staring at my computer all day at work.

  14. Robert says:

    I have degenerative disc disease. Folk Dancing actually helped relieve some of my pain. I was also reading about a device called a swim belt that is good to use for people with spinal issues in swimming pools.

  15. Joseph Joshua says:

    I have severe headaches, neck pain, back pain, and chronic fatigue. My left side is stronger than the right side.

  16. Rasheeda says:

    28 years ago I had a spinal surgery done on my upper spine, where they removed some vertebrates and inserted a plastic shunt. I have a lot of overall body pain since, and my left side of my body is very weak. Hence, I use a walker for walking.

  17. Luba says:

    Hello Rasheeda, I feel bad for you as I know your suffering. I fell down from a tree when I was 9 years old. I fell head down and hit my upper back area first on the ground when I fell. I could not breath for a short period of time, felt the bliss and almost died. I grew up with manageable pain, but in my late twenties I could not walk for almost one year due to extreme body pain. I have spent the last decade with excruciating pain all over thinking that there was nothing much I could do than trying multiple treatments with very little pain relief for my so called fibromyalgia.
    I had no idea the cause of my pain as my brain erased from my memory any pain I felt two decades earlier right after starting to breath again after my fall accident. Hence, always told my doctors the wrong stories of how my pain started. It took me a lot of research and analysis, but after over a decade, my body allowed me to uncover my fall memory and understand that the cause for all my suffering was the fall that caused severe misalignment in my body. The misalignment of the vertebrates caused straight neck (among other problems in the neck due to the fall) and misaligned hips and other vertebrates and bones.
    I have been to a DC for about 3 years, some of them (KTT Canada and atlas orthogonal in Houston)have really hurt me by aligning my atlas incorrectly and I advise people to stay away from these incompetent professionals that just want to take your money. I also feel that my std DC has limited knowledge and uses a lot of trial and error techniques when aligning me, but the alignments at a DC loosens up my discs and helps me put my bones in the right place every day when I do my alignment exercises. What has helped me tremendously and given me the ability to sleep again is intense alignment exercises mixed with light cardio. I stretch the whole body, but it is really important to align the hips to central position, remove the subluxation of your vertebrates by lengthening the soft tissue from upper back to toe. After spending over $100 K with medical professionals and hundred of hours of research, I have been able to understand the trigger area in my body, the alignment exercises that will help. I spent 10 years with terrible sleep and now I am finally able to sleep deeply through the night. The only catch is that I need to do the alignment exercises every day in the morning and before going to sleep in order to eliminate pressure in my joints and nerves as I grew up with the misalignment. I do not use the alignment exercises being sold here, but my point is that if you use the correct exercises consistently twice per day, you will gain substantial pain relieve with no meds needed.
    I hope you feel better

  18. justin says:

    I have had back pain for a while now, but about a month ago I noticed a bruise on my outer front left hip. Now both hips have bruises, and my upper left side feels like its burning or it will itch. Also my left shoulder hurts and my left hip hurts. I’m 26 years old, and I used to be a bodybuilder. I’m just worried that I have wrecked my body! Please help

  19. Lyn says:

    Pain in the lower back and down into my leg. I now have crooked back, and cannot stand straight. I have been to a chiropractor, the adjustments did not help. I went to a medical doctor and got muscle relaxers, pain medications, and even antibiotics. Nothing has helped. I am in constant excruciating pain. I have tried heat, ice, and stretching exercises. Everything I can think of and nothing helps.

  20. Vuyani says:

    I am a 49 year old female sport fanatic doing a lot of activities to stay healthy. I am flat footed and using insoles from a podiatrist. My right side, neck, shoulder, rib muscle, right lower back, hip, and big toe are sore. It s only better when I exercise. I don’t take any medications except for health supplements like MSM greenpowder and all super foods. I eat 70 percent raw food and believe in natural healing. I suffered a broken jaw during tooth extraction while I was nine(1976) and a metal plate was inserted in my right jaw. Since 1999 I use upper dentures and managed to stop the extraction of sore bottom teeth by switching to fresh and fabulous herbal toothpaste and brushing them in circular movements. My right big toe was injured while playing netball after landing on a stone in 1992 and 5 years later I was operated on because a bunion developed causing my toes to point to the side and it was so painful. I got used to running without landing on my big toe, and even today I fail to do exercises that require me to grip with the big toe. I started suffering from right rib pain and lower back pain 16 years ago. Thanks to the right sitting posture which I started recently, my whole lower back is no longer sore except for the right side. I saw an orthopedic surgeon, and a neurologist. I was told it is a spitting rib syndrome, and I refused to remove one rib as suggested by a surgeon. I just live with the pain.
    I again suffered a concussion in 2012 after falling on the back of my head in my tiled bedroom due to a careless mistake of not drying up myself well after a shower. Thanks to my integrative health practitioner my constant dizziness was solved.
    In 2014 I again slipped on a wet slippery cement floor due to rain, fell and broke my right radial head. I was told by my orthopedic surgeon that the bones were still in alignment and given a sling. Three weeks later I developed an elbow bursa, and removed the sling and there was pain on my right shoulder. A year after I found out I had an undiagnosed rotator cuff tear, and given three cortisol shots.
    I also developed a sciatica pain probably from sitting too much while on sick leave for four weeks, but solved now with correct sitting posture. I also had issues like low thyroid meniere’s disease, low Hb, and solved them through mostly raw food and yoga and TRE.
    I have now decided to take control of my own health, and consulted a podiatrist after realigning my right leg which was shorter than the left causing hip and foot pain. I was given insoles, and my problem improved. My right hip is sore and I am unable to fully stretch the muscles due to my inability to grip fully with the sore big toe when I do lunges. My family member who is my trainer is helping me to correct my posture. I can see with my naked eyes that the left side and right side of my body are unequal. One shoulder is higher than the other, even the hip pelvis and leg. I wanted to see a chiropractor, but got scared when someone told me her pain worsened. Please help me to realign my body and tell me if there is a reason why it is only the right side that gets all medical issues.

  21. Bruce says:

    The first few vertebrae in your neck can be out of alignment and physically impeding all neurological signals required for your body to know how to align and heal in the first place. I found a chiropractor that specializes in full body posture from feet to head. He evened out my entire left side being 1/2″ offset in 1 visit because he untwisted my atlas and the second vertebrae from pinching my brain stem. he actually knows what hes doing though, unlike other chiropractors.

  22. Lindsay says:

    I have scoliosis and because my chiropractor only treated it as a wait and see situation, it has caused my hips and pelvis to be misaligned. When I asked him what can be done about it, he only told me that it would only get worse and I should just accept it. I’m fortunate enough to not have any lower back pain at the moment, but I’m worried about what kind impact it will take on my body in the future. I’m looking for a way to fix a problem before it gets worse.

  23. Pramod says:

    I’m having pain in different parts of the body and malfunctions due to spinal misalignment.

  24. hakim says:

    I was in car accident many years ago and have a whiplash neck injury and want to realign my neck and spine without a chiropractor. I want to do it myself at home using your exercise home methods. Sincerely Hakim

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