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Sciatica Pain in Right-Left Buttocks, Lower Back, Hips, Legs, and Feet - Alternative, Safe, and Natural at Home Sciatic Nerve Pain Relief Treatment

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sciatica pain in the left buttock, right buttock, butt cheek, posterior pelvis, hips, and legs - sciatic nerve pain relief treatment

Sciatica pain in the left buttock, right buttock, butt cheeks, bum, lumbar lower back, posterior pelvis, hips, thighs, legs, and feet is all to common.  However, there is an alternative, safe, and natural therapeutic self-treatment for symptoms of sciatic nerve pain, numbness, tingling, burning sensation, pins and needles, radiating, and shooting pain in the legs and feet.  For effective sciatica buttock pain relief treatment one must focus on treating the root cause of your sciatica symptoms.  The root cause of your sciatica relates to muscular imbalances in your lower extremities.  Correcting muscle imbalances must be the focus if you are to obtain long-term permanent sciatica pain relief.

The sciatic nerve is the largest nerve in the human body.  It starts out as five spinal nerve roots that exit the lower part of your spine.  These five nerve roots join together to form your sciatic nerve.  It then runs down past the buttocks, butt cheeks, through the hips, and down the entire length of each leg.  It serves as the final link between your brain and lower extremities.

Sciatica pain in the right buttock, left buttock, butt cheeks, bum, lumbar lower back, posterior pelvis, hips, and legs is very common in modern industrialized societies.

Lifestyles in modern industrialized societies are the biggest contributor to sciatica and sciatic nerve pain.  We spend more time sitting and lounging than our ancestors ever did.  Our time sitting and lounging with poor posture makes the situation even worse.  Unfortunately, sitting is actually a very unnatural position for our hips and spine.  Only a small percentage of individuals sit naturally with the proper posture.  Others do their best by trying to overcome the naturally slumping of the hips, buttocks, and low back.  An even larger percentage of us just sit with poor posture that is certainly going to cause us problems, if not now it will in the future.

Sciatica is not just limited to those individuals who spent a large percentage of their day sitting with limited physical activity.  Individuals with a strong muscular base are often prone to the worst sciatica.  Unbalanced exercise routines, and physical activities create an unnatural environment around the sciatic nerve causing sciatica pain in the right and left buttock, butt cheeks, posterior pelvis, hips, legs, and feet.

Sciatica pain in the buttocks, butt cheeks, bum, hips, and lower extremities is caused by a pinch, compressed, stretched, and irritated sciatic nerve often due to inflammation as a result of an unnatural environment caused by muscle imbalances.

There are numerous muscles in the lower extremities, and their function is very complex as it relates to the lumbar low back, posterior pelvis, hips, and legs.  A single imbalance between any muscle and its opposing muscle can cause a domino effect. Effectively creating Sciatica and numerous other symptoms, and conditions that can have a profound affect on your entire body.

Pain is our bodies way of informing us of a problem. The condition that is responsible for your sciatica will likely cause you more pain and discomfort if left untreated.  Most of us want to fix the root cause of our sciatica, but we just don’t know how.  Some of us have tried, but have given up because conventional treatments lead us on a vicious cycle of continually treating symptoms without long-term permanent relief.  Trust me I know, they do nothing but cost you a lot of money and waste even more of your precious time.

KEEP reading, because I am about to show you a self-treatment that will restore muscular balance to your lower extremities to effectively eliminate your sciatica.  This treatment provides the added bonus of correcting muscle imbalances for your entire body.  Effectively realigning your spine and entire body to eliminate pain and create a stress free environment.

Remember, you can be on the road to improved health, if you choose to do so. Sciatic Nerve Pain, Numbness, & Tingling Treatment - Sciatica Pain in Buttocks ReliefClick Here 8-) To Eliminate Sciatica and Sciatic Nerve Numbness, Tingling, Burning, Shooting, or Radiating Pain Sensation to get your body back on track to an improved state of wellness and health without pain pills, prescription drugs, shots, repeat office visits, or surgery. Don’t continue to be a victim, and take a back seat to your own health any longer. Take action now, to eliminate your Sciatica pain in the left buttock, right buttock, butt cheeks, posterior pelvis, hips, legs, and feet by treating your sciatic nerve pain, numbness, tingling, and burning sensation, and you will be blessed with health benefits for the rest of your life.

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7 Responses to “Sciatica Pain in Buttocks”

  1. Jacqueline Bouchereau says:

    My right buttock burns when I sit, I work 10 hours 4 days a week on a computer.

    • Dianna Clark says:

      I have had this pain in my hips that goes down my my lower back and under neith the but cheeks sometimes it hurts in the pelvic area. It hurts really bad when I sit in my recliner or riding in the car for long period of Time. I take pain pills twice a day because the pain is too much without them. Please help.

      • Dianna Clark says:

        I have pain in my lower back and under the cheeks of my buttt.My thighs hur really bad when I have ride in my car for any limgen of time. This stared a year ago. I used to walk about a mile away. I hurts in the pelvic area hurts at time too. Also, the hips. I can’t sit in my recliner for long periods of Time. I started taking Lryica for about a year it really got where I just didn’t help. I take pain pills twice a day. I just can’t function with this pain. Please help

  2. john says:

    I have protruding disc, pain in butt, lower back, left thigh(front and back down to knee) numbness and tingling in left calf and foot.

  3. Alicia lorge says:

    I have complete numbness in my crotch, left side buttock, left leg, and the bottom of my foot.

  4. Cynthia says:

    Omg, so much pain, and my butt hurts so bad. Left leg and feet are numb, and my back hurts somewhat awful. What is going on? The pain patch and med school is not helping, and the hospital I don’t want to go to please help me.

  5. Varsha says:

    My Knee swelled and I have done MRI, X-ray, and all normal, but I still have pain in left side starting from pelvic to foot while walking, climbing stairs, and changing side position. Sometimes I have sudden pain while sitting too at the pelvic region.
    Currently taking only calcimax. No other medicine to relive this pain.
    Kindly send feedback on this

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